The James Pearson Trio – Blues and Soul Review

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If you’re lucky enough to get into a packed Ronnie Scotts these days you’d be in for more than a treat with resident house band,The James Pearson Trio. Upholding the legacy left behind by the greats such as Oscar Peterson and our very own Dudley Moore is a tough act to follow but its in good hands. This mighty triumvirate are there most nights swinging with the stars and doing their own thing too. Nine numbers, recorded live at the club, emphasize what fun and vibrant jazz can be in the capital.

Pearson redefines his classic jazz trio by bringing musicianship of all members to the highest possible level. The definitive rhythm section, the ever propulsively explosive Chris Dagley on drums and the masterful Sam Burgess on bass, capture a remarkable degree of emotional as well as musical understanding between them. All three musicians equally contribute and are involved in a highly sophisticated improvisational interplay.

Pearson’s technique is something he use to make his ideas listenable and he plays the instrument we all love by reinforcing his extremely musical vocabulary remarkably well. ‘Lady Madonna’ has a great carribean feel and their other Beatles tribute, the reflective ‘Here There And Everywhere’ puts over the elegiac sentiment and defines the meaning of a ballad and its accompaning beauty. There’s plenty of fire in the belly too Ellington’s ‘Caravan’ shows the trio at the height of their game,just another days work for these boys!!

JP is a forebodingly brilliant and melodically inventive jazz pianist and few can match him or his trio, leaving the others trailing behind – well and truly in a class of their own. Shine on you crazy jazz diamonds!


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